About Us

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Darius Tourism Group, under the management of the Lavafan family, has subcategories such as Piroozy Hotel (a 4-star hotel with more than half a century of history) and “Shahrzadbaal” and “Parsian Naqsh Jahan” tourism agencies.

Parsian Naqsh Jahan and Shahrzadbaal agencies are under the management of Mr. Amir Masoud Lavafan, who relies on his ten years of experience in the field of tourism agency services such as issuing visas, booking tours, tickets, hotels and transfers, etc., and having friendly relations and Professional with

1 : the best hospitals in Isfahan,

2 : the Isfahan Carecity,

3 : the best doctors in the country

and the awareness of the increasing importance of the beauty of people in society and the health of patients, we have obtained a health tourism license so that we can offer the best health and treatment services in the name of Darius Medical Tourism”.

We offer all fields to beauty seekers and patients from all countries.

Our health tourism licenses can be seen on the certificates page.